For those investors looking for that growth, but are willing to take on a bit more risk in their portfolios, here are 11 of the top-performing small-cap ETFs for 2019. 1. Motley Fool Small-Cap.

Both IUDs and IUSs are particularly popular among women over 45. Right now, there are three types of IUDs on the market — with a fourth on its way. The copper IUD, or ParaGard IUD, is the only.

An international day to celebrate Soil was recommended by the International Union of Soil Sciences (IUSS) in 2002. Under the leadership of the Kingdom of Thailand and within the framework of the.

Astronomers find baby pulsar – a rare magnetar – born just 240 years ago – An artist’s impression of a neutron star wrapped in a powerful magnetic field – a magnetar. Image: ESA Astronomers have found.

IUSS-Pavia, the Institute for Advanced Study of Pavia, is the last step of a long lasting higher education process started on 825 when King Lotharius appointed Pavia, the ancient capital of the.

THE REAL REASON Why Key Glock Signed To His First Cousin Young Dolph| 's Paper Route Empire FEATUREDT-AGOS / SURVEILLANCE TOWED ARRAY SENSOR SYSTEM – is an element of the Integrated Undersea Surveillance System (IUSS), providing mobile detection, tracking, and reporting of submarine contacts at long-range, thereby contributing to the.

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RWK Invesco Exchange-Traded Fund Trust II Invesco S&P MidCap 400 Revenue ETF 0.10% EQWS Invesco Russell 2000 Equal Weight ETF 0.09% SPMD SPDR Portfolio S&P 400 Mid Cap ETF 0.08% IJH iShares Core S.

A neutron star begins its life as a star between about 7 and 20 times the mass of the sun. When this type of star runs out of.

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