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Transforming agricultural food systems to become more climate-smart is knowledge-intensive and innovative, as well as a multi-sector, multi-actor and multi-level process by nature. How will this.

Sitio web del Libro de consulta sobre la agricultura climáticamente inteligente – Coordinating lead authors: Hideki Kanamaru (FAO), Ana Heureux (FAO). Contributing authors: Aslihan Arslan (IFAD), Solomon Asfaw (FAO), Martial Bernoux (FAO), Romina.

Water management plays a crucial role in food production and the management of ecosystems. Climate change is expected to affect the hydrological cycle and the availability of freshwater resources for.

This module looks at issues related to the coherence between agriculture and climate policies at the global, national and local levels. The main message is the necessity for the public sector to.

This module provides guidance for translating the theories and practices of climate-smart agriculture into assessment activities when designing and implementing national and subnational policies and.

This module articulates a theory of change for climate-smart agriculture. The theory of change serves as a foundation for a step-by-step guide for implementing a national climate-smart agricultural.

The challenges associated with climate change are daunting. Everyone will be influenced by its consequences, but it is the poor and vulnerable, particularly in rural areas, who will be the most.

EL PRINCIPITO AUDIOLIBRO COMPLETO EN ESPAÑOL | NARRADO CON IMAGENES | ANTOINE DE SAINT EXUPERYSitio web del Libro de consulta sobre la agricultura climáticamente inteligente – Climate-smart agriculture is a broad approach with ambitious goals, which involve a broad diversity of range of sectors, stakeholders and disciplines, and cover a range of geographic locations and.

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There is enormous potential to make the agricultural sectors more sustainable and increase the environmental and socio-economic benefits they deliver. Sustainable agricultural development could.