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Faber-Castell made a lot of European slide rules and they have an interesting page about their history in the slide rule market.

and new old stock rules out there if you can find them.

The Atomic Pi: Is It Worth It? – With a baked-in production limit, there can be no community. Without a community, there is no future. If you want a toy, sure, pick up an Atomic Pi. Here’s the link. If it’s out of stock.

And you’re not writing “in Arduino”. You’re writing in C/C++, using a library of functions with a fairly consistent API. There is no “Arduino language.

that can be called from.

Your old Linksys WRT54G router? You can make a robotic lawnmower out of that thing. The ability to modify the firmware of consumer electronics is the cornerstone of Hackaday’s editorial prerogative.

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Remarkably, the OLC’s memo was made public in the Trump defense team’s own memo, where it appears as Appendix C (page 126 of the memo PDF, if you’re.

how the House can conduct impeachment.

Keep Collective Catalog 2015 Direct sales training and recruiting is a huge part of building successful downline income and powerful teams, but how do you stand out when you have the same training materials as everyone else? Direct Sales

For over 50 years, he has used his mechanical genius to innovate tools and technologies.

Melfred Borzall’s reach is ever-expanding. If you would like more information about this topic, please.

If you lived through the Y2K fiasco.

Although power utilities are incentivized to prevent as many of them as they can (if the power’s out, the meters aren’t spinning), there’s no.

136 TIP: Joel Greenblatt’s Book, You Can Be A Stock Market GeniusAsk Hackaday: Selling CAD Prints That Are Not Yours – OK Hackaday readers, you have heard both sides of the issue. Here’s the question(s): 1. Is the eBay seller involved in illegal activity? 2. Can he change his approach to stay within the.

If you’re looking for a cheap Linux board with a WiFi chipset that might work, The Orange Pi Zero is very interesting. The Orange Pi PC 2 does have slightly impressive specs for the price.