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That was followed by an unverified report that a trail runner sighted a female lion and two cubs, perhaps the same animals, at Fremont Older Open Space, which is located about 5 miles south of Rancho.

Visit for a map of some of the trails.


On Wednesday evening the Pocono Mountain School District Board of Education voted to reject the fact finder’s recommendations regarding support staff contract negotiations. The vote was 7-1, with one.

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I step out on the last half of the hike up the mountain. Buoyed by rest, I find new momentum on the trail. I can now average about 20.

My Side Of The mountainAGFC cooks up a Christmas gift for everyone – Lake Conway Slab Crappie Cakes, Mountain Man Meatloaf and Jerk Duck are a few of the recipes you’ll find in its pages. But it’s not all wild game and fish. Plenty of pages are reserved for side dishes.

On the girls’ side of the field, Eldorado defeated Sandia 3-2. It’s win and get into the Mountain West Tournament for Heather.

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The homebuilders also agreed to the construction of a deceleration lane on the western side of Mountain View Road and that the property.

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