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The More You Sleep, The Longer You Live – Good sleep will bring you the results you want more quickly. The body repairs itself, including rebuilding your sore biceps, during the deepest phase of sleep. That’s why a good night’s.

Download PDF There are many reasons why people get insufficient sleep in our 24/7 society.

And we use caffeine in the morning to rise as early as we ever did, putting the squeeze on sleep. The more.

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Maas, PhD, a leading sleep expert, goes so far as to call American teenagers “walking zombies” because they live on so little sleep. What’s preventing teens and us old folks from getting the rest we.

SleepScore Labs Announces ‘SleepScore CheckUp’, the Industry-First ‘Sleep Report for Doctor’ In-App Feature – This is why we developed SleepScore CheckUp.

reporting on the most common outcome measures used in sleep practice. The report is emailed to customers as a downloadable PDF which can be reviewed by.

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Download PDF Is a full night’s sleep an essential ingredient for.

Although answers to some of the most basic questions in sleep research — such as why we sleep at all — remain elusive, recent.

"Precision technology makes us the best we’ve ever been at what we do, but the integrity of our data remains a question," writes Hancock. "It’s important to discuss why we are hesitant to embrace.

We’ve seen over and over that there are tremendous health benefits to drinking coffee–even a heck of a lot of coffee–including substantial increases in lifespan. But if you think American office.